Our Values

Scientific conscience in the selection of ingredients

⬥ Nature alone is not enough and is not always safe.
⬥ Which natural ingredients, of what origin and in what synergies?
⬥ How much nature and what technology?
⬥ When should technology prevail and when should nature remain the exclusive factor?

answers that constitute the secrets of our formulas. These scientifc questions require safe and efective solutions.

We do not serve “ecological” needs or “fake” dilemmas. What is natural is not necessarily safe. For us, the safety, quality and efectiveness of the products are determined by quality control.


All Juliette Armand products are manufactured in our laboratories in accordance to the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics.


Product efectiveness is documented without exaggerations. It is based on laboratory, clinical and dermatological tests of raw materials and end products.

Quality Control

We implement a strict quality control process in accordance with European Union regulations Physicochemical and microbiological control of raw materials and end products, preservatives control, SPF certifcation, Challenge test, etc.).

Application Competence

Experienced and well-trained scientifc personnel (chemists, biologists, doctors and cosmeticians) are always available to provide all required information.

Environmental Responsibility

Juliette Armand is committed to operating its business with awareness and respect to nature, people and the future. Raw materials, methods and all stages of production refect this commitment towards the environment, at all times and in all procedures. Unconditionally.

Elements is a complete professional line of high-end products. It forms the foundation of the evolution of skin beauty and health.

The Elements line represents the targeted solutions ofered by the spectacular advances in cosmetology, as well as our commitment to always providing top-ofthe-line products for best results and maximum efciency.

The Elements line, based on innovative ingredients and technology, ofers beauty formulas that are entirely in line with world trends in cosmetology and most recent scientifc advancements.

Within this context of “state-of-the-art” cosmetics, all products of the Elements line are absolutely safe for public health: Free of Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Allergen, SLES, SLS.

Skin Boosters line is a targeted skincare product line, alternative to plastic surgery.

Skin Boosters line brings you the revolution in cosmetology science and assures our commitment to providing you with high-end, top-quality products, capable of maximizing efcacy with a safe and natural way.

The characteristic advantage of the line is that its products are in fact “skin boosters”: products with dynamic, complex and technologically advanced formulas, which boost and enhance the natural processes and functions of the skin.

Skin Boosters line is based on innovative ingredients and technology and ofers the aesthetics industry formulas fully conforming to global scientifc trends in skincare and most recent scientifc achievements.


Science is taking us forward

After 23 years of research, development and production of professional-quality cosmetics, we announce the AMESON Skin Medical Series, bringing all the benets of science to medical aesthetic products.

The name of the AMESON range, inspired by the Greek word AMESOS (‘immediately’), underlines our commitment to medical aesthetic skin care with IMMEDIATE results.

Hyaluronic acid, an ingredient which is a source of inspiration for us, is the starting-point and foundation stone of the entire AMESON range.

Ameson Mesotech

High-end Mesotheraphy Series

Hi-tech MESOTHERAPY products with a wide range of professional solutions for targeted and personalised skin care. Raw materials with state of the art technology for mesotherapy

Hyaluronic Acid

Source of inspiration and starting point of the whole AMESON series.

Vitamin C (AA2G)

In stabilised form with a comparative superiority in terms of efciency.


Peptides The most advanced raw materials technology is applied for the biomimetic efects in skin care, also having an accelerator efect on active ingredients.

BIOGENIC CAFFEINE (alcohol free)

Usability on the area around the eyes as well, at a maximum concentration of up to 40%.

Specialized mesotherapy formulas and protocols.


Specialized mesotherapy formulas and protocols.

Maximum safety and efciency in anti-ageing, regeneration, whitening, slimming and cellulite treatment.

Proven efciency

Published clinical studies of the ingredients.

The new sunscreen products Sunfilm by Juliette Armand meet the real needs for increased sun protection, conforming with the strict European Standards.

Full Light Protection

The Sunflm product line has been designed to ofer a broad spectrum of maximum sun protection from the full range of sun rays: UVA, UVB, infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV).

We started by protecting the skin from UVB radiation and continued with UVA. Today, we have created formulas to ofer protection from infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV), rays that are known for penetrating even deeper into skin causing long-term damage. Our labs have developed products of Full Light Protection forming a shield against the full spectrum of sun rays.

Sun Damage Prevention Technology

Sunflm products combine the necessary with the revolutionary: sunscreen protection with an antioxidant shield and healing action. They prevent irritation and enhance the natural process of skin renewal, protecting the skin from sun damage.

The sunscreen products Sunflm contain powerful and specialized antioxidants, which, unlike common antioxidants, can function efectively during their exposure to sun.

  • EUK 134: an innovative ingredient with a unique selfregenerating mechanism for antioxidant activity lasting during skin exposure to the sun.
  • Venuceane, Helioguard: ingredients that enhance the natural skin process for sun protection.
  • INCA Omega Oil, Vitamin E, Broccoli extract: ingredients with a strong antioxidant action.
  • Elastomer (Pharmaceutical silicone) with healing action Sun protection and antioxidant activity are combined with the healing action of a pharmaceutical silicone ofering a silky texture.

Demanding Conditions

The combination of sunscreen and antioxidant protection with repair and healing action makes the products suitablefor the most demanding conditions:

  • High radiation
  • Chemical exfoliation
  • Sensitive skin
  • Urban environmental pollution
  • Sea, Sports, Sailing, Winter Ski and more


Sunflm products ofer ease of use and application with:

  • Light and easily absorbable texture
  • Non-greasy texture
  • Water resistance
  • Soft and silky feeling